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Hey all you wonderful and talented friends with mad photoshop skillz (see that I added a 'z' cuz I'm cool like that)

I finally got my pics from Torchsong back and I'd love someone to cut about 1/2 my fat and make me pretty enuf to be standing next to the hottie that is GDL.

Any takers?
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I finally saw a pic of myself with Carol, it actually was pretty good. Hopefully the others will be too!

Still impatiently waiting for the other pics.
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So now it's time for me to discuss one of my favorite subjects. Cute Welsh Boy.

I've always liked Ianto, he's one of my favorite characters, I think he's incredibly complex. However I have never really found Ianto terribly sexy.

GDL on the other hand, well I've always had a thing for the scruffy naughty boys. Yes I am years older than this man. But then again I'm usually years older than most of the men I date. He doesn't violate my 'could have given birth' rule so alls good. (and yes technically I could have if we go by biology but I go by sexually active)

I found him to be a lot quieter than I expected. I think perhaps he heard a lot of feedback from his last HUB appearance. So many chastised him for being overweight, drinking too much, dressing poorly, hat hate, inappropriate behavior and the like.

Well he was dressed very nice for each event, including a sport coat at the coctail party. I never saw him drink to excess, he tried to 'keep it clean for the kiddies' during the day Q&A, he wore no hat and trust me there was not an ounce of fat on that boy. I checked. Repeatedly. He did have a light banter and flirt with many of the girls, myself included I'm happy to say. And well, I do belive that I may have stuck out in his mind/line of vision just a bit. It was the scarf I'm sure, or maybe that I touched him in inapropriate places, but I'm certain it had nothing to do with my boobs.  ;)

He had to have been under a lot of pressure. None of us knew exactly what the guest were put through when it was found out about John and then Tom. He entertained and delighted us. He had to wow a crowd that was there for an entirely different musical venue. And he did. I was quite impressed with his piano playing, up until then I had no idea he played.

I think that maybe John eggs him on to be naughtier, because he really wasn't unless he was replying to John. Or he was nervous or had been 'spoken to' about previous behavior. I'd really like to see him let loose. Hopefully next year everyone will be there and like old war buddies we can all sit around drinking and telling dirty stories!

But all in all I was very very impressed by him. He handled himself and the crowd just great!

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One of the most surreal things that happened to me at TS was.... you!

It was so strange to hear things like: "I wanted to meet you!" "I love your writing" "I was looking forward to meeting you" "You're a great writer"

This completely floored me. I had never written fanfic before November. TW is the only fandom that I write in, i have other writings but mostly unfinished endeavors.

The overwhelmingly positive response to my writing is just freaky to me. I'm sure that we are all our own worst critics, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who took a moment to tell me how much they like my writing and how supportive everyone is. This is truly one of the best fandoms evah!

p.s. Since you actually seem to like my stuff, could I manage to get someone to Brit-Pick a fic I'm working on?
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I will post an acutal blog on my adventures later, but I just had to mention that eariler when I got home "safe and sound" I was going to let you all know.

HOWEVER... just now when I was getting ready for bed I realized that I am completely covered in bruises on my left leg from knee to toes!!!!

I have NO IDEA HOW!!!

I must be channeling John!!

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So it's nearly time!!! I will be flying to Chicago for Torchsong on Thursday arriving at the hotel around 1pm.

I know that there are a few on LJ that I am meeting for dinner and drinks so if you need my cell # please PM me!


May. 1st, 2009 02:44 pm
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Hey everyone on my Flist who is going to Torchsong!

Do you want to arrange a LJ only meet up?

Do you want my contact info??

Do you want to even meet me at all??


Amy, pipe down, where I go you go (you have no choice)!!


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