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And it feels like someone has stepped on them.

There are people in worse situations than me. This is my mantra. I should just shut up and be happy I have a home and heat and can work my job.

But I still feel like crying.

I don't have a lot of money. I live paycheck to paycheck. I could save more money by not going out and eating cheaper. But then I'd be even more pathetic and have no life at all.

Last week should have been awesome. It was vacation time. [livejournal.com profile] jooles34 was coming to visit me and I was going to play tour guide to her in NYC...... well THAT didn't work out well.

Lets start with the day she was to arrive. I was out shopping with a friend and my transmission went on my car. It's still parked in front of her house as I can't afford to get it towed nor fixed. It's going to cost roughly $2500.

Thank gods for Jeff who came and got me, brought me home so I could clean and shower and then took me to the airport to get Jooles at 11pm on a Saturday night skipping a Halloween party he was invited to.

(I can never say enough how my life would be over without him in my life)

Sunday, again thanks to Jeff we made it into NYC at least once before the storm. We went to Harlem for BBQ and met up with others. It was good until they started closing the trains down and we had to book it out of there.

Well the storm hit, power went out for a few days. We ended up on Wed in a mall plugged into the floor to charge phones. Got power back Thurs am and a car rental so we could at least go SOMEWHERE. 

Managed a couple of days up and back to the Hudson Valley area and more shopping.Oh and eating. Much eating.

She left on Saturday and now reality is set in and I've got to sort out my car just in time for a Nor'Easter.

I'm able to work from home. I can order groceries and have them delivered, I am warm and have power. (at least for the moment) I should not whine. I have family down the Jersey shore that is still without power and the area is completely devastated. I should just shut up and thank my lucky stars I'm safe and that I woke up this morning still legally in charge of my reproductive system.

I'm just so used to being independent and despise how much I have to lean on Jeff. He's broke right now and can't help with the car other than driving me places (well, once the gas crisis is over) I may have to get the car towed to home and leave it here for a couple of months while I save up the money to get it fixed.

Just sad and frustrated. My life as usual. 

Nerd Cred

May. 4th, 2012 08:20 pm
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So there were some angry posts over on tumblr about how people were angry about being quizzed on their 'Nerd Cred'. I have a reply. http://emyrldlady.tumblr.com/post/22394794837/nerd-cred

“Nerd Cred”

There has been a lot of posts today about ‘Nerd Cred’ and people being pissed that some care about it vs ‘new nerds’.

I can agree and disagree with this. Because damn it. I FUCKING EARNED MY NERD CRED. I got beat up and shoved in lockers and mocked relentlessly for my nerdy ways. Comic books were torn from my hands and written all over and tossed out by bullies. Hell regular books were as well for that matter. Do you know how many library books I had to buy because some asshole damaged them?

The general population is finally catching up. Super Heros are awesome and so are their movies and I PRAY that this leads to more and more people buying comics as the industry has been on a downslide. So the more the merrier and I get to talk to people without fear of being thrown in a locker.

Nerds, like bowties,  now are Cool. The word nerd isn’t the epitaph it used to be.  Legions are swarming around the nerd collective quoting ‘Bazzinga’ 

But when I sigh in the movies and mutter “Bucky was a KID.” Don’t look at me like I’m weird. I AM! I’m a NERD. 

I read comics

I watched Star Trek

I watched Doctor Who

I watched PBS… FOR FUN

I read Asimov

I read Adams

I can morph my Nanoo Nanoo into a Live Long and Prosper without fracturing my pinky. 

And while it’s great that you are starting to love the things I have always loved. Do NOT look at me down your nose like the cheerleaders once did. I am not some old hag who’s trying to be hip. I was here first, but I’ll be happy to let you sit next to me while I give you a history lesson and answer any questions I can that you have because I LOVE BEING A NERD.

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This is going to piss some of you off. I don't really care because some of you have really pissed me off.

Love me, hate me, tell me to fuck off. I don’t care. But I have to get this out. )
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Don't Piss off a Redhead )


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