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So, I was watching a repeat of Glee tonight, the 'Hold onto 16" episode and was mostly paying attention to the music not the story line but as usual the music entwines with and then chokes the hell out of the story.

The music was all about having your life ahead of you, looking forward, not being told what to do and being able to live your own life because your parent's can't tell you what to do anymore.

When "Jack & Diane" came out I WAS 16. But I didn't really get to BE 16. So for most of my life I've listened to these type of songs wistfully.  But now at 45 I want music that speaks to ME. I don't want 'survivor' music. I want LIFE music. I want something that's got wisdom and still looks forward. I don't have my whole life ahead of me, I've lived half of it already. But I'm not dead yet and there's still more ahead for me. I want a soundtrack for MY life, not a teenager with a pseudo-rebel checklist. Frankly I don't know what's left for them to rebel against.

So I ask my musically inclined friends. What should the soundtrack to my life sound like?

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I have..... unusual friends. [info]wench18  has put out on FB that she is making a CD for her funeral. She by no means is approaching death, in fact she's one of the things in life that I love. She's also just this side of twisted. And as usual, I want to be just like her. So... Any ideas of what my playlist should be?

Or really, just what songs remind you of me or you think should be an anthem for me.

Music me

Nov. 7th, 2009 11:39 am
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Suggest to me a band/song you think I'd like.
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I need some music recommendatons.

I'm working on a bit of writing that I need music to match help.

Can you please put title and artist with your recs?
Here is what I need.

1. younger angry music (kind of like KMFDM, see I'm not completely hopeless)

2. female artists with angst (Tori Amos)

3. Classical pieces or opera (think Ode to Joy) 


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