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So for the past month or so I’ve been…introspective. I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

I know that I haven’t made a proper Con report from Gally and I’ve been home nearly a month. I’ve never been to Gallifrey before, this was their 21’st year and it was pretty well put together. I liked that it was easy for someone new to navigate. Their programming was pretty clear and the layout was well done.

Personally I had some financial issues that screwed me up for the trip, so I wasn’t in the best frame of mind but that had nothing to do with the actual con, but rather hotel and airline issues.  I also fell down and went boom. No Zach I don’t blame you, but I probably will still tease you.

Hotel roommates cycled in and out during the weekend and you would think that might be chaotic but it really went well, guess that’s what happens when you get the right combo and everyone is great and at ease.

I had a lot of fun pestering people at the Cosplay panels. Really people, is it that hard to introduce yourself?  Evidently my harassment has been told and retold, so that a friend of a friend was telling about this girl who…. I’m a bitch, deal with it. *gasp*

One of the most common phrases you hear at a Renaissance Faire is “I can do this better.” So yep, that was probably one of my biggest thoughts. Gally is in its 21st year and is very well done, but the fan panels just seemed to be thrown together haphazardly. @inthesestones was on the first panel I went to and she didn’t know any of the other panelists, nor were they prepared. So yeah… I zapped em right out of the box. Do I know about cosplay, not in depth, no, but I do in general terms. I’m a bit of a Jane of all trades. I know a little about a lot.  But if I were on a panel I would at least know my other panelists and have a check list of what I wanted to speak about.

Of course much time was spent in the lobby drinking as per usual, but met some new people and that was fun. My Classic Who is sadly lacking. I shall rectify this, I swear.


Less than a week after I got back from LAX we had a TW_NY outing in NYC and it was wonderfully fun. Finally getting to meet a few online friends and get together with others. We saw the Reduced Shakespeare group with Matt Rippy and then had lunch and then on to the DWNY Russell Tovey event! (This is where I got shamefully shitfaced… seriously, rarely have I ever been this blotto, I blame the very very cute bartender, and thank my lucky stars for inthesestones and amazonx for putting up with such bad behavior) Russell was sweet and funny and I got a few minutes of one on one time afterwards (thank gods that even drunk I can hold a coherent conversation) Also… I am gay flypaper.



Then I got sick… um, ok I got drunk sick but after that… really sick. Severe sinus infection that has lasted weeks, I am still not over it yet. I lost 17lbs while sick and still have a hard time eating a full meal. But hey, I now weigh less than 160lbs.


I’ve joined a new writing com called regularwriting. I’m trying to get better at my original works. So far I’ve just replied to the prompts, it may lead to a series of vignettes. This also is in connection with my ‘introspection’ that I mentioned earlier. It’s kind of weird looking back on my life with adult eyes. Damn, I’m more twisted than I thought. But hey, isn’t everyone?



Work has not been good. Boss has been all over me ever since I got back. It’s been ugly here, every day. Our contract has been up since November. We’ve been ‘out for bid’ ever since. We’ve had to give presentations at least 3 times and it does not look promising. I’m scared. There are no travel agent jobs out there, not even in NYC which I would not like to commute to but if I have to I will. Mine is an industry that has been slowly phased out thank you Oribtz and the like. I am good at what I do, but what I do is so specific I’m not trained to do anything else. Yeah, I can manage a bit with an excel sheet and have fumbled through a few Office programs but not much else.  I can’t even begin to think what kind of new career I’d have; I’ve been a travel agent for over 20 years.

My legs have been swollen again. Stress does such lovely things to me.


So that seems to bring me up to speed.  Thanks for listening, come again soon, hopefully there will be some good news.







Life, Gally, Russell, Writing, Work and Health.... hey an update )

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Let’s see, as usual my life is hell in a hand basket. But that’s how I roll.


Monday: Left my lights on and drained the battery in the car.

Tuesday: did good full grocery shopping.

Wednesday: woke up to broken refrigerator and bad food.

Thursday: Flat tire

Friday: I have the day off! Yay! I’m going to MDRF!!! Yay!!!  Oh wait…. WE’RE GETTING A NOREASTER!



As I always say, my life is here so other people can feel better about their life.


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