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Ok, in the pic from TS I am made up, hair and makeup ect and it's a bit of a angle, but it's one of the pics that made me determined to loose weight.  The second pic was from yesterday's family reunion, I was soaked for most of the day, if you look at the bottom of my jeans you can tell.  looking at them side by side I can see that the 20lbs I did loose shows. Now if I could just loose another 20!

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I haven't updated lately because I have lost momentum. It seems I've leveled out. I lost 20lbs since June, but  at lease I haven't gained it back. I have to do something to change up the metabolism again, oh yeah, exercise, not so good on that front. I'm lazy. There's no way around that and I have a horrible time motivating myself. I was so hoping to have lost 45lbs by the time HurricaneWho happens, I haven't given up and currently am wearing size 10 pants for work (generous cut) and size 12 jeans. If I can make it down one more size I will be happy, I just have to face facts, I've got a big ass and that's just that.

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I was bad today. I had Turkey meatloaf with MASHED POTATOS!

Ok, so it's only sort of half bad, but man I was craving taters.

I'm still maintaing for the most part, no new loss but no gain either.
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So it seems that I have lost 7lbs in three weeks. This is without an actual hard core diet and exercise plan. Just lots of salads and water.

I'm feeling pretty good about it.  Lets see what I can do if I actually put my mind to it.

This weekend I intend to do the whole measure my body parts. That probably will be depressing, but it has to be done.

I also need desperately to clean my room and my closet. I need to toss and sort clothes. and vaccuum. I can't tell you the last time I did that or dusted in there. Ick.

I will count that as my exercise!!  That and hauling laundry up and down.

Fat filter

Jun. 16th, 2009 11:12 am
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I recieved an enormous amount of encouragement yesterday when I announced I was fat.

Hmmm, what does that say??

Well I will be writing a "Fat Diary" keeping track for myself. If you want in for the "Fat Filter" let me know. Or if you'd rather not read about my trials and tribulations just say 'pass'.

It will also include some of my health issues with my Diabetes and how the diet and exercise is affecting my BS as well.

btw- BS means Blood Sugar, not Bull Shit. :)


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