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In a little over 2 years I will turn 50. Many of my doctors, usually the ER/ICU doctors as me 'How are you still alive?."  To which I usually reply 'Evil never dies.'. But in actuality, I really am not healthy. Your 40's can be a downward spiral of health issues and I've got quite a few. My diabetes isn't well controlled, I have Hashimoto's - a thyroid disease, neuropathy, poor circulation, my neck is about 3 inches out of alignment causing a lot of pain, sciatica and mild arthritis/bursitis. So yep, I'm falling apart. 
Last weekend I had something simultaneously incredible and horrible happen to me. I've posted about how I went to PaleyFest and met the stars of Agents of SHEILD. I even got to make a comment to them, live, on camera.... yeah that was the horrible part. When I saw myself on the live stream I was horrified at how I looked. I always thought I carried my weight well, but that doesn't mean I don't have weight. Boy did it show. The camera adds ten pounds, not sixty. The last time I saw my Endo she advised me that I was classified as obese. I laughed at her. But seeing myself? Yeah. I tipped the scale at 200 this past week and I'm done. It's time to change.
I don't have the money for a gym, and I really don't like them. I'd love a personal trainer but that also is out of the question financially. Today I had a free consultation for a stretch class. It was one on one and it was amazing. Don't get me wrong, my back and left arm are hurting but that's because I am completely inactive. Hell my back can hurt sitting on the sofa. So I am pledging to cut out my daily Dunkin Donut's run so I can afford to take the 45 min class. I can pay as I go and there are no contracts. I'm also getting back into guided mediation and I'd like to explore yoga. But first, stretching. (yes I know yoga is basically stretching, but I need help to get started).
If anyone has any non financially challenged suggestions please let me know.
I've joined myfitnesspal.com and if anyone wants to friend me on that go ahead I'm Emyrldlady (big shock). I'm learning a lot about the food I've been eating and again, so not good for me.
I've joined gyms before, never really did diets, but I'm not looking to diet, I'm looking to become healthy.
For the month of November, to start with, I am not ordering in, not going out to eat and no fast food. We'll see how well I do. I'm also cutting out soda, even diet. It's water and unsweetened iced tea. Oh and coffee, seriously I'm keeping my morning coffee. You wouldn't like me without coffee.
Like I said, I'm creeping up on fifty and my goal is to lose the weight, change my diet and exercise. I want to get it off and keep it off by fifty. To that end I've got my own hashtag, #fitforfifty If you want to suppress it go ahead because I'm warning you all, I am going to be annoying. I'm cross posting to many platforms with this post so sorry if you all get slammed.
But I'm not sorry about my new adventure. Say it with me #fitforfifty !!

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