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Trying to get my writing mojo back. I'm working outside fandom as well as in. I'm giving myself 15 min challenges. If you care to give me prompts I'll gladly take them.

Non-fandom prompt: A woman sitting on a wrought iron park bench. It is just before dawn and she's just sitting there in the dark. Tell me why.

It's still dark but the sky is taking on tinges of purples and lavender, the midnight blues lightening with the dawn of a new day. Janey sat still, her new black wool coat wrapped stiffly around her body to ward off the chill. She'd always liked this park, the benches were old fashioned and the gas lamps along the path made her dream of another time.

Her head turned at the rustling of leaves to her left and she smiled, the adage of the early bird rang true today as she watched a mother bird collect her breakfast to return to her nest of chirping babies high above Janey's head.

With the movement of her head she realized that she'd been sitting still for hours, lost in thought. Slowly she moved her shoulders and neck, rotating her head carefully. Then began the clenching and unclenching of her hands and the shifting of her legs, now alert and filled with pins and needles. She took a breath and realized it wasn't watery, for the first time in days.

The first tendrils of light began to pronounce the new day and caught fire as it gleamed off the diamond on her left hand. She straightened her hand, ran it over the folded triangle of cloth on her lap and smiled sadly. "For his dedicated service." the honor guard had said. Janey smiled sadly and rose from the bench to walk the few blocks home from the park. The park where she had met a young soldier near a bandstand, the park where they had been married, and the park where only a day ago she had scattered his ashes.
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The state of me sucks, unemployed again, no insurance blah blah blah. But we're not going to dwell on that today. (Seriously, I can't deal)

So, in the interest of keeping me relatively sane I need to try writing again.So I'm throwing it out to you with another Drabble Challenge!!

I'll give you a list of fandoms to work with. You pick the characters or pairings and the topic. I'll write between 100 -250 words on the subject.

Doctor Who (any era)
Jilly & Lisa (if anyone remembers my OCs)
House of Lady Emyrld

That should be enough to get me started again.
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Well there's this thing called Thursday Threads that gives you a line from the previous week's winning story as your prompt for that week. Their writing is a bit different than mine, a bit horror and supernaturalish. But I like the prompting me to write stuff.

Today's prompt was: "He stared in horror at the body."  

There were times, his father had told him, that he was not allowed in the basement at all, and never ever in his father's private room. This of course instilled a great desire in Joseph who was all of five years old.

He could hear sounds floating up from behind the closed door as he silently padded down the steps. A clink of metal on metal, the sound of something loud, it sounded like his mother's vacuum. Was she cleaning in the forbidden room? Were they preparing a surprise for him? His birthday was soon and maybe there were presents behind the door, a party?

Joseph reached slowly for the doorknob, he'd become an expert at this maneuver while practicing to sneak up on Santa last Christmas. Holding his breath he turned the knob thankful that it didn't make noise like the door to the den where his father met with all the crying people.

The vacuum noise was louder now and he could hear his father humming with the radio. Sticking his head through the opening Joseph looked around. There was a big metal table and his father, his back to the door. There was a machine making the loud sucking noise and there were tubes attached to something on the table. Joseph stretched up on tip toes to see better.

He stared in horror at the body, just as his mother snatched the door shut from behind.  Joseph looked up at the door blankly.

Joseph Carnes Sr. Mortician.

I don't know if I've won, they had over 20 entries for today. I did get a 'great work' tweet from the judge. 
Here's the link for all the other entries, but you know I'm the only one that counts. :)


Well lookie there, I won!!



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