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Dec. 8th, 2009 09:37 am
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So... yesterday. December 7th, a day that will live in infamy. Guess not so much. Only one person I know mentioned it in a tweet/post. I saw only one headline about a survivor of Pearl Harbor, and only caught a flash on the news. Maybe by you there was something more. IDK.

This morning, I get up and it's every where, computer, tv, radio.

Today is the aniversary of John Lennon's death.

While this is a sad event, and he was an interesting and complex person who wanted the best for the world, how sad is it that we have the death of one celebrity ranking higher than the death of thousands in an earth shattering event that resulted in the US joining a world war?

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The magical place where your breakfast consists of Caffeine, Carbs and Grease. (yes yes I know you NYrs also share this special affinity for all things diner food, but while I live 20 minutes outside of Manhattan, I am a Jersey girl)
What mystery do I speak of?

Oh that magic that is the TEC on a roll!

For those of you who do not know, being as I have recently accumulated several new readers not known to me in RL because they are far far away, TEC is Taylor Ham (aka Pork Roll), Egg (fried) and Cheese (yellow american melted) on a round (Kaiser) roll.

This wonderous "fast food" pre-dates MickeyD's, don't believe me? Just ask any sanitation worker hanging off the end of his truck where he gets his breakfast!

Screw Starbucks, screw Dunkin Donuts, and Seattle's best can go back home if tha's all they got.
Give me a bottomless cup 'o Joe from Topps Diner, or most any diner in NJ.

Ohhh especially, down the shore! Cuz that means you are generally hung over and need grease and coffee because you had too much fun at the beach and the bar the day/night before!

*sigh* I miss when life was that simple.

"What prompted this rant?" you may ask (or you may not care).

*glares at overpriced coffee container on desk*
'nuf said


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