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I wasn't sure if I should post this here or over at [livejournal.com profile] emyrld_facets because it's personal, but it's about my writing. So I guess it's going here.

Saturday at the Renn Faire I saw a friend that unfortunately don't see often enough. She's one of those people that you can pick up a conversation with months later and it's still good. She's got a busy life, I understand that. She is one of the most caring people I know.

So I mentioned to her that I started a different LJ that was more about me rather than my writing, I had lost a bunch of my RL friends off this journal because of mostly posting fic. And I knew that my writing wasn't her cup of tea.

She completely blew me away. She told me that she didn't really comment on my fic, but she reads it. She told me that it was awesome to see the evolution of my writing style. That she sees how much better I've gotten, how I am able to use my words better and am more descriptive.

Well, the feeling was awesome. To have someone who is not in fandom praise your writing for your ability and not for content.... well it was a real boost. It's also making me want to write more original fic and to be more enthusicastic.

Thank you my friend.

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So the deal was to post something writery every day. I blew that already by not posting yesterday. I was a bit exhausted and had not written anything.

I have been asking questions mostly on your writing styles. I'm trying to organize myself as I have several balls in the air as it were. I normally just get an idea write it out and it's done. It's usually short (under 1000 words) and then I post it.

But now I seem to have gotten myself involved in several different writing projects at once. This is not normal for me I usually finish one before I start another. So for the first time I've got several docs open at once. (sadly I do not mean Doc's Hard Lemonade)

1. I'm revisiting my Torchwood fic The Cutting Edge, I had 9 chapters done nearly 10k written. I've gone back and tore it up a bit and have now only 7k. I am starting to plot out the next few chapters and see where I want to take it.  I have abandoned it for over a year. It's time to finish it.

2. I recently wrote a TW / Primeval fic that sees to be crying out for more. Once the holiday weekend is over
[info]jooles34  and I will be scheming and perhaps collaborating. I have never really collaborated before with another writer and am really interested to see how this will develop.

3. Several drabble promts have caught my eye and I will be going back to them probably as soon as tomorrow.

4. So I wrote a bunch of drabbles last week or so and one of them had original characters Lisa and Jilly.
[info]amazonx  is curious about who they are. So.... I seem to be writing orig fic.
5. I wrote a couple of orig small fics that linked from prompts from
  group. I may try and expound on them... but that would be some serious digging. Not sure if I want to.

So that's a bunch for me. But for me to start writing I have to organize my thought some more. Not sure you're gonna get much out of me this week. It seems dedicated to planning and coaxing the muse.

And sleep.... I really need some sleep. I get great ideas when well rested.

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This isn't a fic, but a question. I asked the other day about how do you go back to unfinished work. I'm taking your overall advice and rereading my big 10k abandonded fic. The Cutter.

My writing question for today is. Do you write out your ideas? Do you block off chapters and go back and write the dialoge? I've never really been able to do that. I just get an idea and open a doc and start typing. I guess that's why most of my fics are short. I write in short bursts.

The Cutter was my longest fic and it was very hard, I didn't plot out my chapters I just had a hazy idea of what I wanted to happen.  I want to try and discipline myself so that I can write better fic.

Do you have any particular formulas that work for you?

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An exercise in writing. I'm stealing the idea from [livejournal.com profile] stargazer60 who wrote in her journal every day in August. I shall hopefully do the same for September. In both my RL journal [livejournal.com profile] emyrld_facets and here in my writing journal.

It may be a drabble, a continuing fic, an original thought (yeah who has those anymore), a poem or question/discussion about writing. Whatever it is, it's going here.

Last night I was prompted to expand on a non fandom drabble I wrote last week and I wrote about 300 or so words on it. I have no idea where it's going or what it's about except that their names are Lisa and Jilly.

I also have several abandoned/unfinished fics. So I'm going to ask those of you who write.....

How do you go back to unfinished fics and finish them? Do you start over? Pick up from where you left off? How do you approach it with new eyes?


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