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So a few of you may have noticed a decided lack of ‪#‎fitforfifty‬ in my posting. I had a few setbacks and stopped going to the gym and my diet went a bit by the wayside. I can make excuses, lost my job, depression, new medicines, going on the insulin pump... but today I started again and I'm very happy I did. I didn't do a lot, just a stretch warm up and 30 minutes on the bike but it was something. And when I wobbly walked out of the gym I took a nice deep breath and was proud of myself.

I gained back 10 of the 17 lbs that I had lost but weight isn't the end game here and I've got to remind myself that. While I can't afford the stretch classes again until I'm gainfully employed there is no reason I can't go to the gym. I've kept up my membership and it's fairly inexpensive. I was doing well and feeling much better about myself when I was treating my body well. It's time to get back to that.


Jan. 6th, 2015 03:46 pm
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So the holidays have come and gone, hope everyone had a safe and happy season.

My birthday has also come and gone, I'm 48 now, so this #fitforfifty thing is getting serious.  I gained back a few pounds over the holidays but that's to be expected. I'm not doing resolutions this year. I'm just living life, but here are a few things I've done lately and hopefully will have created them as habits.

Things I’ve done for myself lately;

Cut out soda
Exercise 4 days a week
Power Stretch
Started wearing makeup again
Eating more veggies
Focused on what I need, not what someone else wants from me
Mostly sticking to my lists
Started deep cleaning the apartment
Doing more writing
Started meditating again
Stopped saying ‘I’ll do that starting next week/year/month’
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So I have decided to keep this journal for my fic only and start another one for personal stuff. I have had this journal for nearly seven years. That seems pretty amazing, I can't believe it's been that long. 

My fic has gotten some wonerful reviews and I'm very pleased but I've lost some r/l friends who are not interested in TW. As well as the fact that I generally leave this an open journal.

That being said I am going to reinvent myself, with a little help from my friends of course.

Here's a little bit about me.

43, single, lives in NJ, diabetic.
Used to do a lot of community theatre and Renn Faires but have drifted away from that.
Read trashy romance novels and fanfic.
Occasionally intelligent and often witty, usually sarcastic.
Tired of apologizing for who I am and what I say.
Come from a large Irish familybut fairly alone now.
Have a "not my boyfriend" who was my BF but now is... I dunno, what's with labels these days.
Have an insane narcisictic psycho ex-husband... no really, just ask Dr Phil, he says so.
I'm gay flypaper.
I love musical theater.... hmmm see above.
I can't sing.
Some people seem to think I can write.
I am a travel agent but that may change soon.
I feel like life is changing and I need to change with it or be tossed to the curb.
I have recently started to go to Conventions generally Dr. Who and Torchwood and or Sci-fi related.
I love old movies. I have all the Thin Man series and all Hepburn/Tracey as well.
I am a living breathing encyclopedia of bad 70s - 80's TV. I had no life as a kid.
I used to watch all the ABC soap operas closely, but that changes from time to time.
I used to be an avid comic book collector till my ex husband ruined both that and theatre for me.
Despise horror/slasher films but love in your head stuff.
Generally love most all sci-fi shows even the bad ones. But never got into BSG redo.
I often feel I should have been born in the 40's or 50's.
I wish I were graceful but often feel like a clutz.
I have always thought that people who spend so much time on the internet were loozers.... Hi me!
In the past 2 years I met so many people thru fandom that I am so happy to have in my life.
I'm pagan but have really let things fall away.
I've gotten very lazy with my life.

....... well, that got out of hand.

Anywhoooo, the point I was trying to get to was the new LJ.

For 20 or so years I've been known as Emyrld, mostly in the Renn Faire community, and I've identified with that for so long. But perhaps it's time to break away from who she was and find out who I am now.

I'm still looking for suggestions for new LJ name.... yeah.... that was what all this nonsence is about.


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