Jan. 6th, 2015 03:46 pm
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So the holidays have come and gone, hope everyone had a safe and happy season.

My birthday has also come and gone, I'm 48 now, so this #fitforfifty thing is getting serious.  I gained back a few pounds over the holidays but that's to be expected. I'm not doing resolutions this year. I'm just living life, but here are a few things I've done lately and hopefully will have created them as habits.

Things I’ve done for myself lately;

Cut out soda
Exercise 4 days a week
Power Stretch
Started wearing makeup again
Eating more veggies
Focused on what I need, not what someone else wants from me
Mostly sticking to my lists
Started deep cleaning the apartment
Doing more writing
Started meditating again
Stopped saying ‘I’ll do that starting next week/year/month’
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To all my friends and family,

You may be family by blood, choosing or a new friend I’ve never met.

To say that this year has been bad would be an understatement. I’ve gone through rough years, lean years, unemployment and life threatening illnesses before, seriously, the ICU nurses know me. But this year got to me. This year I suffered from depression the likes I’ve never seen. I had to beg for money. It was humiliating and eye opening. I’ve had to re-evaluate my life, my friends, needs and my priorities.
The people who stepped up to the plate and helped me without judgment, you have no idea what you have really done. You have saved my life. I don’t mean that as an over dramatization. Less than six months ago I was set to end my life. I have no immediate support system. No spouse/boyfriend to share my burden with. My friends and family have their own lives to contend with, and I didn’t want to make their lives worse. I don’t know what I would have done if certain people hadn’t reached down into the hole I’d curled up in and hauled me out.

Whether it was a phone call, a text, an email; emotional or financial. You all saved me. (Especially one person)

Do I still have debt? Yes, but at the moment I’m not drowning and there is a plan in place for the coming year to begin life again. I’m trying to find out who I’m meant to be and at almost 48, that’s a hard place to find yourself.  But I know I don’t want to have another year like this one.
Speaking of almost 48, my birthday is coming up. Usually having spent Christmas and New Year’s alone followed closely by my birthday sends me into a tailspin of emotional failure. I am very lucky when I can get a few people together for a few drinks for my birthday. But this year I’m asking for something different.

I’m not in a position to pay it forward yet, but I’d like to try through all of you. Do me a favor? Do someone else a favor. Take a few bucks or a few hours and do some good. Donate to a good cause, an established charity, buy a homeless person a meal. Plant a tree, go through your closet and donate some old clothes.

And since it is MY birthday, let me know what you’ve done. C’mon, give me the warm fuzzies for my birthday.



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