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Hive Mind, I need your help.

Recently I saw myself on film. I know the camera adds pounds. But not 60 or so. To that end, during one of the most stressful times of my life and the beginning of the holiday season I've decided to finally lose weight. I'm now keeping a food diary (which as a diabetic I really should have had one to begin with) to keep track of what I'm eating. I'm trying to walk during lunch and at night (the pouring rain isn't helping). While my cousin suggested CrossFit which seems awesome, yet intimidating it's WAY out of my price range at the moment. I also have sensory sues in large cavernous spaces like gyms (I can't really explain it). So while I'm starting small, I intend to finish this, well not finish it, continue it as a way of life. Food, exercise, taking care of myself.

Ok, here is where I need some expert advice. Does anyone have a rec' of an app or way of keeping track of the food diary and the exercise. I know there are a few new electronic things out there that can help. I am very much a visual learner and am interested in things that can help me track my progress. (other than my scale).

Any suggestions that you have that don't require a large amount of spending would be greatly appreciated.  I've been told about Myfitnesspal.com which does seem to have some great ways of tracking my food, I'm not sure about the exercise part and I'm unclear about their apps.

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Not the emotional kind.

I have bad knees, it comes from popping them out of place as a kid, yes I was strange.

Now my knees sort of go in two different directions. I don't know exactly what happened but some time yesterday at the bbq they started.... burning? I guess that could be the word. It's really only my right knee. But today, it hurts to walk and it feels almost like a bone spur.

Just an owie, and me whining about something other than TW.
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Bottoming is not fun.

Get your minds out of the gutter!  I meant my sugars! They dropped to 46 during the night.

It's my fault completely, I did not have a large dinner and took my regular insulin dosage so at 5am this morning I woke in a sweat and shaking. I shoved a muffin in me and waited for it to take effect.

I hate that it always happens when I need extra sleep and can't get it. I tried to fall back asleep but between the shakes and sweats that didn't happen and now I have to go to work exhausted.


New Endo

Mar. 25th, 2009 10:24 am
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So yesterday I saw the new Endo, she seems ok. She seemed more confused about my meds than I was. "Why if a particular insulin isn't working for you do they just up the dosage instead of trying a different type?"

*blank stare* um.... I dunno, I'm not the doctor?

She said that my sugars were bleeding into my urine and that the swelling is also because my system is trying to retain water to dilute the sugars in my blood, but she cautioned me to stop the diaretic because that was probably messing with my sugars as well.

She switched me to Lantus 50 units once a day and changed up my Novolog sliding scale for meals. 

She believes I need some re-education on diet (which I agree) I also told her about the last endo harping on me about not getting pregnant as "your children will be deformed and you'd probably die" yes that is a direct quote. Any of you who know me know, I have no intention of having children, I told him this and he kept expounding on the subject.  The new Dr was apalled.

She also talked to me about the pump, something the last doctor dismissed out of hand saying that insurance wouldn't pay for it (not true). She cautioned me that we need to get my A1C much lower than it is right now before we can continue with thoughts on the pump.

So, new meds, new food, and a visit in June.

Hopefully this will work. I usually hate endo's they so think they are god and look down on me like I'm doing something wrong. She seemed to get my frustration that my body adapts to meds and builds up a tolerance.


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