Jul. 1st, 2014 12:36 pm
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Recently I’ve been setting goals for myself. I’m sort of meeting them.

For the month of June one of my goal was to write down everything I spent in order to set a budget. I think I did pretty good, I consistently wrote in my book and kept receipts with me if I didn’t have my book. At the end of the month I’m off, but I kinda expected that, I’m terrible with math. BUT I’m only off by about $43. It was $63 till I remembered I got quarters for laundry for the month. I’m still keeping up with it and I’ve dramatically cut down on take out and Dunkin Donuts.


I’ve got a story going on Archive of Our Own. It’s an Avengers AU. I’m up to about 8k in words and 8 chapters so far. I had intended to make this a 10 chapter story as I like the short and sweet but it’s starting to take on a mind of its own. I don’t mind that though as it means WRITING!!

I started a writing goal of 250 words a day 5 days a week, and no rollover. If I write 500 words it doesn’t count for 2 days. I figured this was a pretty simple goal but I managed to miss it the first week. But HELLA proud of my 2nd week. Wrote more than double my goal for SIX days! So yay me!

I don’t know how the goal reaching will go once my story is finished but hey, writing!

(Oh look, 289 words right here! That means I’ve met my goal for today!! But I’m still going to try and work on the next chapter.)

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I have goals for today.

1. Eat a pear

2. Buy new shoes

3. Don't kill anyone (this last one may be dificult)

Goals 4Sep

Sep. 4th, 2009 10:10 am
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I had wanted to write 1000 words yesterday but ended up writing about 400, but cutting nearly 1000 from other parts (wow I had written drek) and it flows better now.


Write 1000 words
Sort laundry
Update master fic list (dang that's a project)
Write bills
Food shop (at least a little)
Find my garb for the Renn Faire

Goals 3Sep

Sep. 3rd, 2009 08:13 am
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So my 2Sep goals weren't met completely. Turns out I didn't have any bleach for the tub, so I did the scrubbing bubbles thing (red hair dye and porcelin do not mix well). I completely forgot to vaccuum, but I did work on the master list and I did finish and post my one shot, that turned out much longer than I thought. It was supposed to be a ficlet and ended up over 1600 words.

So.... Sept 3 Goals

Vaccuum living room
Write 1000 words on Cutter fic (maybe setting writing goals will help too)
Mop bathroom floor (cuz for some reason I cleaned and scrubbed tiles and walls but forgot floor)
Go to mechanic to find out why red light is on

Oh, yeah and work 8 hours.

More coffee nao plz?


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