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I was going to make a fitness update, but I got sidelined by news from my endocrinologist.

My A1C is at 8.6. It should be between 5.2 and 6.5, but no higher than 7, over 7 is ‘Danger Will Robinson’ territory.

She has officially changed my diagnosis to Type 1 Diabetic. My pancreas is completely shut down and does not produce any insulin.  We have begun to seriously discuss the pump. I currently have a needle and monitor attached to my side to take continual readings for three days and the doctor will call me next week with the results. We are checking for my insurance company’s approval.

My Hashimoto’s disease is worse. She has doubled my dosage of Levathyroxine. I don’t have my blood work results in front of me but she wasn’t happy with my TSH levels.

There is also elevated levels of protein in my urine which is a sign of kidney damage. She’s prescribed a blood pressure medicine that can help with that. The down side of that is I naturally have low blood pressure. So YIPPIEE I get to maybe pass out occasionally.

And the kicker, I’ve got high cholesterol. My LDL is 157, last time it was at 93. So in addition to no carbs/sugars, I have to take out beef/pork/lamb/shellfish/egg yolks/cheese/butter. So pretty much I can only eat chicken/turkey and certain veggies (because yes, some veggies are high in sugar, I’m lookin at you carrots, corn, peas and potatoes, ok we knew potatoes were bad)

So while I entered the doctor’s office feeling good about how I’ve changed over the past few months I’ve got a very long way to go.
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Ok, yesterday's workout sucked. I only did a little over 1/2 mile on the treadmill and 1 mile on the bike. The reason for that was my knees were really really swollen and it was painful. I don't know all the weight machines but I fiddled around with the lats and abs ones and learned how to use them. I have to remember that just because I can do it one day doesn't mean I can do it again the next day. Not until I can get an ortho to look at my knees and the swelling to see what the problem is. I've ignored my health for years, a month of doing the right thing isn't going to make it all go away. Back to the gym tomorrow. Today is about cleaning, laundry and chores. I went food shopping and for the 2nd week in a row bought no frozen or over processed foods. Salads, fish and pork. I still have to get the hang of healthy side dishes. For the record weigh in was 192. Total of 8.6lbs. It will fluctuate but for now it's going in the right direction. Thanks for listening (reading). ‪
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Today I accomplished something I haven’t in a really long time. I touched my toes. Now that may not seem like much but I, even when skinny was never very flexible. But I did it today. These Power Stretch classes are expensive, but I’m finding the way. I’ve given up soda and DnD and eating out. No more fast food for me. I’ve been keeping track on myfitnesspal.com. In 3 weeks I’ve lost 7lbs. I had lost 8 but gained one back. I didn’t think it bothered me but I guess it did. I back slid a bit this past week. I kept under my calorie count but my carbs were over and my workouts weren’t as good as they should have been. But I did go, 4 sessions this week, 3 at the gym and 1 power stretch. Next week will be 4 at the gym as I’m doing power stretch every other week as that’s costing me a lot of money but really really worth it. I leave there and feel amazing. I hurt, but I feel great.
I found a youtube station for yoga and I need to rip the vids so I can play them on my tv. I am not the most savvy tech wise but I’ll get it sorted.
Another thing I did today was food shop. I went to 3 different stores to get the things I wanted. I’m fine with that. I didn’t grow up with big box stores, we always went to the butcher and the grocer and (no not the candlestick maker) the supermarket was for dry goods and cleaning supplies.
My new goal is to not eat frozen meals. I’m getting the hang of portioning thanks to my new food scale. I bought salad and chicken and fish. I’m looking forward to food this week. I still need to work on sides. To me sides are always pasta and potatoes. I even bought Brussel sprouts… who am I?!?
I’m only 3 weeks into this change. I was a month ago I saw myself and finally said NO. Supposedly it takes 30 days to change or form a habit. This week was a little rough going, I was really whining but thanks to a few good friends I kept mostly on track.
I found an old picture of me that I’m using as Thinspiration. It’s about 8-9 years old I was 38-39. So I’m not being unrealistic in my goals.

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I'm working very hard on being positive. It actually seems to be working. I've spent so much time complaining about my life and it does suck sometimes. But I need to take control over the things that I CAN control. 
Financially I'm in a bit of a better place as I've gotten a loan and am currently out of debt except for that loan. There is a plan in place that will have me saving money starting in the New Year. I will have to move and get a roommate, I already know who it is, he just has to get the rest of his plan in place, we’ve already looked at apartments and know what we want and for the most part are in complete agreement. 
Once I’ve settled in a new place my bills will be reduced by almost $500 a month. That’s significant, especially for me.
Come spring, I want to go back to school. I have no idea for what or how exactly. I’m checking into different aptitude sites. I’m so burnt out and Travel will never give me the paycheck I need to survive, never mind thrive. I’m hoping I end up in some sort of research position. I do enjoy that.
I had a realization lately, especially with my new fitness/health plan #fitforfifty that for the past few years I’ve just been waiting to die. That’s no way to live. I’ve done some fun things but I stopped planning. I stopped wanting things. I just….. was. The only daydreams I had were winning the lottery or different ways of dying. I would be driving down the road and could envision how I would crash my car just the right way that I wouldn’t survive. I would wonder how much insulin it would take to kill myself. And then be pissed off that I couldn’t afford the insulin.
There is so much out there and I need to remember that my life is not bad. It’s what I make of it. It’s time I took control back.
I’m doing that now. I’ve lost 8 lbs in almost 3 weeks. I’ve joined an affordable gym. I’ve started meditating again. I’m reading again. Not just fanfic but books. I’ve gone and sat in a coffee shop and people watched. I’ve remembered what it’s like to be out and about in the world.
I’ve had a lot of encouragement and for that I’m very grateful. Some people haven’t been as supportive as I’d like. I think that if I’m in a terrible position, they feel better about themselves. That’s not what a true friend is. I’m trying to cut the negativity out of my life and sadly that means letting go of some people.
I’m still going to be the sarcastic lil’ bitch I’ve always been. I’m just gonna have a great job and a bangin bod to go with it!

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In a little over 2 years I will turn 50. Many of my doctors, usually the ER/ICU doctors as me 'How are you still alive?."  To which I usually reply 'Evil never dies.'. But in actuality, I really am not healthy. Your 40's can be a downward spiral of health issues and I've got quite a few. My diabetes isn't well controlled, I have Hashimoto's - a thyroid disease, neuropathy, poor circulation, my neck is about 3 inches out of alignment causing a lot of pain, sciatica and mild arthritis/bursitis. So yep, I'm falling apart. 
Last weekend I had something simultaneously incredible and horrible happen to me. I've posted about how I went to PaleyFest and met the stars of Agents of SHEILD. I even got to make a comment to them, live, on camera.... yeah that was the horrible part. When I saw myself on the live stream I was horrified at how I looked. I always thought I carried my weight well, but that doesn't mean I don't have weight. Boy did it show. The camera adds ten pounds, not sixty. The last time I saw my Endo she advised me that I was classified as obese. I laughed at her. But seeing myself? Yeah. I tipped the scale at 200 this past week and I'm done. It's time to change.
I don't have the money for a gym, and I really don't like them. I'd love a personal trainer but that also is out of the question financially. Today I had a free consultation for a stretch class. It was one on one and it was amazing. Don't get me wrong, my back and left arm are hurting but that's because I am completely inactive. Hell my back can hurt sitting on the sofa. So I am pledging to cut out my daily Dunkin Donut's run so I can afford to take the 45 min class. I can pay as I go and there are no contracts. I'm also getting back into guided mediation and I'd like to explore yoga. But first, stretching. (yes I know yoga is basically stretching, but I need help to get started).
If anyone has any non financially challenged suggestions please let me know.
I've joined myfitnesspal.com and if anyone wants to friend me on that go ahead I'm Emyrldlady (big shock). I'm learning a lot about the food I've been eating and again, so not good for me.
I've joined gyms before, never really did diets, but I'm not looking to diet, I'm looking to become healthy.
For the month of November, to start with, I am not ordering in, not going out to eat and no fast food. We'll see how well I do. I'm also cutting out soda, even diet. It's water and unsweetened iced tea. Oh and coffee, seriously I'm keeping my morning coffee. You wouldn't like me without coffee.
Like I said, I'm creeping up on fifty and my goal is to lose the weight, change my diet and exercise. I want to get it off and keep it off by fifty. To that end I've got my own hashtag, #fitforfifty If you want to suppress it go ahead because I'm warning you all, I am going to be annoying. I'm cross posting to many platforms with this post so sorry if you all get slammed.
But I'm not sorry about my new adventure. Say it with me #fitforfifty !!



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