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On Friday, my ‘Bro’ (really we have to stop doing that) AmazonX and I were making plans to see Kill The Messenger. I was going to take the train in to NYC for the viewing, it was showing in Times Sq. I said, ‘Hey, let’s do the Avengers Station at Discovery as well!’ Then I saw Clark Gregg tweet about PaleyFest and how they’ll be in NYC on Sunday…. well I checked the website and could only get seats in the 2nd viewing room for $20 each. We figured, what they hey, maybe we could get pics with/of them outside if we got there early.

But not only did I get a pic with Chloe Bennet (Skye) and a sort of pic with Ming-Na Wen (Kick ass agent May) outside (Clark was mobbed couldn’t get close enough) we were told while waiting on line ‘go down those stairs’. Next thing we know we are in MAIN PROGRAMING!! And while waiting we progressively moved down until we were around row 6!?!?

We got to watch next week’s episode early!!! No spoilers but WOW!!!!

And I got to have the last word. No really. Mine was the last comment. I put my foot in my mouth though. What I meant to say was ‘I’m so happy that there are people in my age demographic kicking ass on screen and not behind a desk.’ ….. yeah, somehow it ended up ‘you’re not young and athletic, but great job guys’ or something like that. If you look up NYC Paley Fest 2014 and AOS I’m the last minute of filming and CG is laughing at me. (Please disregard my 3 chins and enormous flabby arms, diet starts this week!)

So we leave…. go stand outside with everyone else, but hey me and AmazonX are front and center and we’re gonna cut a mother if someone gets in our way of Clark Gregg because damn I got checked bad by people on his way in.

We wait about 1/2 hr. We can see inside where they’re mingling a bit with staff and we realize they’re not going to come out full front and center but rather a smaller door to the side. Chloe comes out and there is a stampede to get to her. AmazonX and I stand our ground dead center. We’re still keeping an eye on CG to see which way he goes because he’s still all shmoozy and stuff inside.

Suddenly AmazonX says ‘Fuck it’ lets just go back inside and see if he’ll take the pic with us. I am suddenly inside with a deer caught in headlights look being glowered at by a large security guard who my friend is attempting to sweet talk into asking for a pic with CG. Guard is ADAMANT NO WAY. CG sees us walks, over and says ‘But they’re already inside.” and puts his arm around me!!!! After my pic he smooooothly slides over to ‘Bro’ and I fumble and get a pic for her (Thank goodness it worked my phone had been acting up all day). We thank him profusely and slide right back outside where everyone was still occupied with Chloe!

Hugs, jumping up and down like kids and home.

Just another average Sunday here.


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